Who We Are

How did Telic Empowerment begin?

It all started with two PTA co-presidents, a parent volunteer, and a board. They were determined to change the lives of parents, teachers and students, at a small school, in a low-economic and underserved area, in Decatur, Ga. They had little resources, money or support. But they successfully organized fundraisers, parenting programs, hosted events, and engaged the local community. The school prospered. Years after the school closed down, and each went their separate ways, four driven, and determined mothers, Ty Davis, Lisa Lake, Chrissy Edgerton, and Bettina Newton, decided to re-unite, in order to serve the needs of their communities, at large, and establish their own organization.  Each had been affected by disabilities, in some way, shape, or form.

All of these mothers, have shown a remarkable passion, for advocating for their own children’s educational and medical needs, as well as, working with other families, to share knowledge, about services, programs, and tools, in their local areas.  Each mother, had a unique connection, and experience to offer, either having one, or more children, with a disability, and/or, working with disabled, impoverished, or underserved populations, in various capacities. At the heart of their experience, they knew, as mothers, the struggle of advocating for their own children and themselves, as parents.  The process was sometimes difficult, slow, and frustrating. Finding resources to improve their children’s lives, was hard. Knowing where to go and what to do, was even harder. It seemed almost daily, they were being approached by other parents, asking how they got accommodations, and other resources for their kids. they knew this had to be how they imprinted their communities.

After many years of volunteering at schools, and other organizations, and working with all types of families, individually and collectively, they finally came back together. It became evident, that they shared a common bond, and a desire to impact their local areas, by providing education, advocacy, and empowerment. These mothers had a simple goal: to help other families get access to local, community, state, and federal programs and services, and receive the much needed support, and direction, to go after what they required.  One conversation led to the next, and Telic Empowerment was eventually born.



Telic Empowerment is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization that: empowers and trains families with special needs by teaching self-advocacy, increasing access to local resources, providing supportive and inclusive community programs, building strong partnerships, and educating communities by consulting on disability awareness. Telic primarily targets underserved residents in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, within the state of Georgia.


We provide a safe, inclusive, supportive, and informative community that will help families living with children and adults with disabilities develop their own pathway to future success.


♦   SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: We profoundly value our consumers and deem it of high importance to foster a supportive community for this underserved population to draw additional encouragement, information, and a sense of family.
♦    EMPOWERMENT: We empower families by teaching them how to locate resources and use them with fidelity. We empower families to advocate for themselves through educating them about the school system, health care, and mental health. We empower families by assisting them with how to apply information knowledgeably and meaningfully to real life situations.
♦   COLLABORATION: We actively and openly collaborate and form partnerships with organizations that benefit the families we serve. We understand that the betterment of our community is increased with the help of interested parties being given the opportunity to lend a hand.
♦    TEAMWORK: We take full responsibility for our activities and our work. We honor our commitments and take pride in our work. We are not afraid to try new things. We understand that our actions effect our team, and strive to help our team flourish.
♦    DIGNITY FOR ALL: We approach our work with a deep respect, humility, and professionalism. We address our clients with compassion, dignity, and highest regard for their opinions no matter their background, circumstance, experience, or perspective. We intend to find common ground and foster a culture that is conducive to consideration, respect, and productivity.
♦   STEWARDSHIP: We measure our success by our commitment and our ability to be good stewards of the resources allocated to us.
♦   PERSONALIZATION: We are devoted to follow through on initiatives, creativity in planning, and timely responsiveness in requests. We take the services that we offer personally and stand behind our vision. It is our aim to anticipate the needs of our consumers and offer services that are unique to their circumstances. However, despite our best efforts we are subject to human error. We strive to remedy lapses in our services quickly and respectfully.