Telic Cares

Temporary Relief Fund

We know that life can be overwhelming for a family with a child or young adult with a disability. Many are struggling with unemployment, food insecurity, overdue bills, and loss of housing, but for special needs families, there is an added series of costs and stressors that come with caring for a child or young adult with a disability. The global pandemic also caused many special needs families to also lose critically necessary therapy services, school supports, in home care providers, and family support funds.


Telic Empowerment is excited to be able to launch our Telic Cares Temporary Relief Fund! Thanks to a generous financial gift from a private donor, Telic Cares will be able to provide temporary relief to special needs families, in the areas of finances, food, or medical, in times of crisis. Each potential applicant will be carefully selected, and a specific, individual need will be met, based on the application received. Each family will be briefly interviewed and proof of the existing need will be required. If you would like to assist us in helping families, please consider donating to Telic Cares Temporary Relief Fund. A one time donation of any amount is appreciated. A recurring donation will help us provide support to a family each month. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will go to help a family in need. Telic Empowerment will not keep any portion of your donation. Thank you for helping us provide temporary relief to special needs families throughout the state of Georgia.


Assistance can be requested for the following pressing needs: (1)Help with financial obligations( rent, mortgage, bills, utilities) (2) Food( groceries, formula, specialized diets), and (3) Help with medical care(prescriptions, co-pays, unpaid medical bills, therapies, equipment needed). Every family selected, will also receive additional disability resources that are requested for their special needs children and young adults. 

To be considered for temporary, financial relief, please complete this application in its entirety. 

A committee will review each application, each month, and determine the recipients, as well as ensure that each family selected is contacted and receives the amount awarded in a timely manner. The introduction of the Telic Cares Temporary Relief Fund will continue our mission of providing support and resources to the disabled community, and increase our efforts of spreading disability awareness, education and inclusion.

Please CLICK on the LINK BELOW to APPLY for Telic Cares Temporary Relief Fund.