Telic’s All Ability Birthday Bash

Child with down's syndrome smiling with snow white
Have you ever seen a child so happy? It’s the most precious thing. Something about a happy child just makes you smile.
Happy Teen posing with spiderman
Every year at Telic’s All Ability Birthday Bash, SuperHeros and Disney Princesses mingle with special needs children and young adults and their families to help brighten their day.
birthday cake
At Telic Empowerment, we believe every child should be invited to a birthday party. So to make sure no one is left out we throw a big one! We renovate a huge warehouse, fill it with jumpy houses and disability friendly rooms and invite every special needs family we know!
preteen getting butterfly painted on her face
When we say everyone is included we mean it! From facepainting and dancing, to a room for those who are wheelchair bound, no one will feel left out. We even have allergy free snacks.
young boy smiling while holding a balloon
And the best part for parents? It’s all FREE!
girl excitedly speaking into microphone
You can help put a big smile on the faces of these and other special ones! You can support a cause that is dear to your heart, and know a special needs child or young adult is having a great, judgement free day because of you.
the best gift is you
You can sign up to volunteer at Telic’s All Ability Birthday Bash, sponsor a room or a family, or purchase an item off of Telic’s Amazon Smile wishlist.

If you would like for your business to reach special needs families you can sponsor a room to have your business advertised at a specially themed room at the birthday bash. If you would like to sponsor a family, each family member is only $25, that includes admission, snacks and a goody bag for each family member. If you are a more hands on type, and would like to donate your time, please register to be a volunteer at our birthday bash or any of our other events. And most importantly, if you have a special needs family member and want to attend this event, please register to attend.