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Strokes for a Cause

This is Telic Empowerment's annual art education event! This event encourages amateur artists with disabilities that have an art talent or interest to let their talents shine! A skilled art instructor will conduct a unique art class that focuses on a theme. All attendees will be allowed to freely paint their own original masterpiece within the theme. All disabilities are welcome. Participants will not be able to keep the art work created at this event, but will be given a keepsake with their art piece. All pieces of artwork will be included in our "The Art of Ability" art auction, held in the fall. All participants and their families will be invited to attend the auction as our special guests. Strokes for a Cause is limited to individuals with disabilities from the age of 7 to 30. An able bodied adult (21 and older) is required to stay with each attendee. There is limited space available. To hold your spot, pay a $5.00 REFUNDABLE fee using the donate button at the bottom of this page. This year, 2022, we will have Strokes for a Cause outdoors at Wheeler Park in Conyers on July 16th, from 11-1 pm.

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We are so excited to offer this event to the community! We hope to see each of you there! While this event is FREE to its participants, the cost per guest averages about $40. If you would like to make a donation of ANY amount to help, click the button below.