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Walking Billboard Campaign Corporate Contributors

Melissa V Photography                           Moore Than Painting

Castle Customs                                        Surrendering is Free

 XcellPhoto                                               Pretty Girls Clean Too

 Tribal Solutions LLC                                 Powell House Properties

 Whitaker Realty Group                            YCD Consultants


Strokes For A Cause Top Level Contributors

MyTech Communications


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William Davis                              Lehman Family

Zoltan and Brocktrick Levister

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Vanessa Thompson                 Arkeitha Prince

 Allen and Dana Fudge          Kira Reid

 Yvonne McDaniels                Erin Littles

DaNeka Cole                          Cathy Cosey

Chris and Erika Toler

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Bj’s Warehouse                      Beautiful Restaurant

Bank of the Ozarks                 LaDotties Homemade Cakes and Cuisines