Empowering Families

You’ll find information on our programs and events, relief program, and our general resource list.

Our Programs & Events

Parent Empowerment Group

Parent Empowerment Group

Every 3rd Saturday

Our monthly parent support group for caregivers of children and young adults with disabilities.

There will be no PEG in May or December 2023.

Art of Ability Fundraising Art Auction

August 5th, 2023 Zoo Atlanta 

This is Telic’s only annual fundraising event celebrating abilities! There will be music, performances, artwork, and food! During this ticketed event, artwork created by our disabled artists is showcased and auctioned off to support our ability to continue to provide inclusive services and programming at no cost to our families. Become a friend of TELIC with a one-time or recurring donation! Donors and Sponsors needed!

Telic’s All Abilities Birthday Bash

Coming March 2024!

This event is held annually, each March, and is a free, fully inclusive, community birthday party catered to families of children and young adults with special needs and their siblings. We recognize that children and young adults with disabilities are not always invited to birthday parties and this is our opportunity to have an all-inclusive birthday event where all abilities are welcome.

Art in a Box

Coming October 2023!

Telic Empowerment hosts a free live streamed and recorded art education event to children and young adults, ages 3-30, who have a love of art! This event is facilitated by a disabled art instructor. Registered participants are given a box of art supplies to participate in the art event that is either mailed or hand-delivered.

Strokes for a Cause

May 6th, 2023!

This is an annual art education event designed to celebrate the talents and artistic abilities of our disabled amateur artists, ages 7-30, and showcase their masterpieces at our annual fundraising auction. Participants will participate in an inclusive art education class and create an original, themed masterpiece.

Telic Cares Emergency Relief Fund

Telic Empowerment understands that many families have hard times occasionally. For families of individuals with special needs these times can be especially devastating. Sometimes, all a family needs is a little help to get back on their feet. Telic Cares will be able to provide temporary relief to special needs families in the areas of finances, food, or medical expenses. Each potential applicant will be carefully selected, and a specific, individual need will be met, based on the application received. 

Thank you and the Telic community for your support and encouragement and most of all your commitment to helping families navigate difficult times.

Love the community and being able to relate to other people in my situation.

Gloriam L.

Thank you so much for being willing to help me and my family. I appreciate anything that your organization is able to do to help me and my children.

Resources for Families

Access General Resource List, Request Personalized Resources, or Become a Resource for Others

Telic Empowerment provides access to resources in the following areas: medical, financial, educational, and independent living in the Greater Atlanta Metro area, in the state of GA. Below you will find a list of a few general disability resources from each category. This is not an exhaustive list, but only a small sample that includes local state and government agencies, nonprofits and independent businesses in Georgia that serve the disabled population. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to request personalized resource assistance.

View our General Resource List Below

Telic Cares

Emergency Relief Fund Program

Do you live in the state of Georgia and care for a disabled child/young adult in the age range of 3-30 and are in need of emergency financial assistance? (If yes, read our application process information). UPDATE: WE DO NOT HAVE FUNDS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME AND ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING TELIC CARES APPLICATIONS.  

Read Application Process Information

**If you applied for Telic Cares and received funding in the last 12 months you are NOT eligible to receive Telic Cares funding at this time. Eligible families can only apply and receive Telic Cares funds once every 12 months. Please fill out our resource request form to get personalized assistance locating additional financial resources and programs.)

Each applicant will be carefully reviewed, and recipients will have a specific, individual need met, based on the application received. Each family will be briefly interviewed, participate in parent education, and proof of the existing need will be required.

A committee will review each application, and determine the recipients, as well as ensure that each family selected is contacted and receives the amount awarded in a timely manner.

Click Here to Apply for Telic Cares Emergency Relief Fund!

If you would like to assist us in helping families, please consider donating to Telic Cares Emergency Relief Fund. A one-time donation of any amount is appreciated. A recurring donation will help us provide support to families each quarter. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will go to help a family in need. Telic Empowerment will not keep any portion of your donation. Thank you for helping us provide temporary relief to special needs families throughout the state of Georgia.

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