Telic Empowerment programming and services is dedicated to providing excellence in the following areas: increasing access to disability resources; relatable, compassionate, and meaningful experiences with a supportive community; growing disability awareness in our communities; hosting inclusive and memorable community events; parent support; and providing outreach to families of children and young adults with disabilities.

Current Programs:

Parent Empowerment Group (PEG):  A monthly parent support group that meets on the third Saturday of each month to join together in topic- based discussion.  This support group is facilitated by a speaker who provides expert advice in a particular area of need. Topics that are covered are: Medicaid waivers, self-care, siblings, IEPs and parents’ rights, behavior management, etc.  Guests to each session receive resources and an opportunity to be entered to win a gift giveaway.  This a P2P of GA sponsored support group. It is currently hosted virtually.  Registration is required.

Telic’s Virtual Art In A Box: An art education event where registered participants receive all the art supplies they need in a box that is delivered to their residence.  On the actual day of the event, participants are led by an art instructor, with disabilities, to create a masterpiece!  This event is also virtual and requires registration.  A small fee is requested at the time of registration and is refunded when a survey is completed and submitted.

Disability Resource Fair:  Each spring we host a disability resource fair where a host of organizations that support families with children with disabilities of all ages are invited to our PEG.  Parents and caregivers are invited to attend and spend time with each organization.  Currently this event is virtual.  Registration is required.  It is a free event.

Parent Workshops:  Telic Empowerment hosts workshops throughout the event year to address parent concerns.  Such workshops in the past have been: CPR, Behavior Management, IEP and Parental Rights. These workshops are typically offered at little to no cost to parents.  Registration is required. Currently they will be offered virtually unless otherwise indicated.

Telic Cares Temporary Relief Fund: This is a financial assistance program offered to families that find themselves in the midst of financial crisis.  Families can apply once in a calendar year. Once their application is received and they are interviewed it will be determined if they will receive the assistance.

Strokes For A Cause:  This is an in-person art event.  Artists are invited to participate in the creation of an art piece of different modalities led by the instruction of an art instructor. Their artwork will then be a part of a collection that will be used to raise money at our Art of Ability Fundraising Art Auction, where they will be highlighted as our featured artists and esteemed guests!

Art of Ability Fundraising Art Auction: This is a fundraising event.  Items including the artwork of the Strokes For A Cause artists will be auctioned off to raise money for our programming and services.  It is a gala style event, with food, music, and entertainment! This is a ticketed event.

Telic’s All Abilities Birthday Bash: This is an in- person event.  In celebration of our birthday, we throw an epic birthday party completely catered to children and young adults with disabilities and their families! It is super- hero themed, FREE, and fully inclusive!  It takes place in a large warehouse, with bouncy houses for any age range. It has rooms such as the Fortress of Solitude, which is a quiet space for guests who need some time away from being overstimulated or who want to have fun but in a quieter space; the Bat Cave, which is a safe room for guests who had mobility challenges but still want to party; Wakanda, the art room which is full of art tools and creative ways to express themselves; and a Spiderman room, which is a sensory room- full of sensory items for guests to engage in sensory play.  We also have buddies that can be requested to support families with multiple kids who want to go in different directions or for parents who just want to sit down and take a break.  It even has floor activities for children as young as toddlers to as old as young adults.  We partnered with a volunteer cosplay organization and there are superheroes that roam around the whole facility so guests can take pictures with their favorite superhero! During the event allergy safe snacks are provided to all guests as well. To make sure safety is guaranteed, we even have nurses on site! Registration is required to participate in this amazing event. Currently, to make sure all of our guests are safe, this event has been postponed until it safe to gather in large numbers again.  But it will definitely be back and better than ever!

If you have any questions about our programs and services or would like for us to be part of your calendar, please contact us.