Meet Our Team


Tyisha Davis

Tyisha is a native of Georgia, and has lived in Dekalb County, for the past 30+ years . She has a heart for service, and volunteers weekly at local food pantries, distributing food to the needy, and participates, in helping to restore hope to others, through her involvement in the Celebrate Recovery ministry, at her local church. She has  provided financial education, to families, through her work with World Financial Group, and currently serves, with various organizations, to help the elderly and underserved populations, in her community.  She is also a proud alumni of Moving in the Spirit, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged youth, through teaching the art of dance. She has gained great knowledge and insight on how to relate to others, network, and find solutions to challenges, from her many years working in the customer service field.  Ty, spent her time and energy, working with Lisa Lake, as co-PTA presidents, to advocate for disenfranchised families, and restore the underserved, South DeKalb community, surrounding her children’s school, Midway Elementary.  She and her husband, of 15 years, with her 4 children, in the past 5 years, recently relocated to Conyers Georgia. Helping and assisting families is her passion. Her involvement with Telic, gives her a chance to work with old friends and form new partnerships. Her experience with her own family, in advocating, educating and working, to understand ADHD, has given her a unique level of compassion and understanding for other special needs families. Ty looks forward to helping build the bridge to helping empower families, and to teach them how to advocate for themselves.

Lisa Lake

Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts degree, in Psychology, from Spelman College, and a M.Ed in Applied Behavior Analysis, from Arizona State University. Married, with 4 children, Lisa is a former special education teacher, a behavior therapist, and a parenting consultant. Lisa is also, the Founder and CEO, of Parenting Potential, a parent consulting business, which teaches parents, how parenting styles affect a child’s behavior, and provides practical and effective parenting strategies, and behavior modifications, to promote healthy family relationships. Lisa enjoys working part-time as an ABA behavior therapist, teaching parents and families that have children with autism and developmental disabilities, positive behavior modification methods and interventions. Lisa’s love and passion for special needs families, stems from her personal experiences, growing up with a sister with Autism, and from her own parenting journey, navigating learning disabilities, anxiety, and genetic disorders, with 3 of her 4 children. It is her mission in life, to bring more awareness to underserved and underrepresented populations, and to use her gifts, training, and talents, to help meet the needs of others.

Chrislena Edgerton

Chrissy has always enjoyed helping people. As a child she used to say that she would grow up to help those that couldn’t help themselves. Her love for Telic comes in helping people to help themselves and their families. Chrissy has a background in Mathematics and Technology from University of Florida. Chrissy is a wife and mother of three daughters whom all have medical issues. While trying to navigate the worlds of allergies and epilepsy she came to realize how important it is to have a guide to resources. She worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the revenue cycle where she worked closely with insurance companies. She has enjoyed working closely with churches in their youth departments and working for and volunteering with camps. She has organized events in her community for families so they may bond while participating in healthy activities. She has been active in the PTA of her children’s schools, heading the BoxTops 4 Education program for multiple years. Chrissy really enjoys parenting and advocating for children.

Bettina Newton

Bettina received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Diego State
University, California and her Masters in Psychology from Northcentral University, where she is a member of the Delta Kappa National Honor Society- Iota Chapter. She is a California native but has lived in Georgia for over 14 years with her husband and three children. Bettina is a former special education teacher at the elementary school level. It was through this experience that she first witnessed the power of working collaboratively with families to encourage the success of an individual. Bettina is also a very active partner at her local church. It was through her work as lead facilitator of the women’s group that she developed a deep passion for women’s issues. The group dynamic is a powerful form of support, encouragement, learning, and accountability that she has come to enjoy! Her passion lies with working with women, children, and families. She is excited to utilize all her experience to serve the special needs population with diligence and love.