Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Telic Empowerment Do?

Telic Empowerment is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization, that provides free disability resources, parent support, education, and advocacy to families of children from 3-30 that are affected by disabilities. We empower our families to become advocates for themselves, connect with verifiable, dependable and accessible services, programs, and family supports in their community. With the help of our board, volunteers, established community partners, and sponsors, we educate the community and organizations on disability awareness, and equip our families with the tools and resources needed to access financial, independent living, educational, and health services. We do this through our parent support groups, community events, and workshops.

Who Does Telic Serve?

We serve families currently in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, within the state of GA, that have a child from ages 3-30, who are affected by all types of disabilities.

What Types of Services Do You Provide?

We manage an extensive disability resource database that encompasses local organizations and businesses. These resources can be referred to families who request them. We are always looking for organizations that cater to individuals with a disability to add to our resource database. We host disability-friendly community events and a monthly Parent Empowerment Group (PEG) for parents with disabled children or adults. We hold parent workshops with a variety of topics that are designed to educate, empower, and encourage our families to advocate form themselves.

What Kind of Resources Do You Offer?

Educational– for families needing IEP assistance, educational advocates, tutoring, schools and programs for special populations, understanding parent rights, public and private school requirements, etc.

Independent Living– for the special needs young adult that desires more assistance with becoming independent, resources include: vocational training and programs, transportation, supportive employment, day programs, etc.

Health– for families needing additional resources on: how to apply for waivers, Medicaid eligibility, finding medical services, medical equipment, support coordination, health centers, etc.

Financial– information on: finding funding sources for services, respite, equipment, etc…money management for middle-income households that don’t qualify for Medicaid, money-saving options (food pantries, clothing closets, discount retailers, ect..) insurance needs.

How Do I Request a Resource?

To request a resource for your child or adult with a disability please fill out the request resources form here.

How Does My Organization Join Your Resource Database?

 If you have an organization, that serves the disabled population, and would like to be added to our database, please go HERE.

Do You Offer Resources Outside of Your 4 Categories?

Our primary focus is to provide education and resources that will cover the basic areas of need for the special needs population we serve. We are only able to offer resources in these particular categories at this time, but strive to refer only reliable, up to date, and reputable organizations that are in agreement with our mission and standards.

What Areas Do You Primarily Serve?

We primarily provide services for the underserved areas of the Atlanta Metro area, in the state of GA.

I Live Outside of Your Service Area, Can You Still Assist Me?

At this time we are unable to serve individuals and families living outside of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, within the state of Georgia. If you are outside of these counties, but reside in the state of GA, we would recommend you contact your local community service board or the GA. Department for Behavioral Health for resources and assistance.

Where Are You Located?

We are currently striving to strategically place ourselves within the communities that we serve. Our goal is to be easily accessible to the public through our online site and by hosting our parent support groups, workshops, and community events, in public venues. To locate us, please follow our Programs and Events calendar.

Do You Include Transportation Resources?

Yes! We have resources for transportation.


What Disabilities Are Included?

We serve families affected by many primary disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to: physical disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, intellectual and learning disabilities, developmental delays, epilepsy, ADHD, and autism. We are an inclusive community. Telic does not serve children and adults that have been diagnosed with all mental health conditions, or medical illnesses, but only those that are included in IDEA.

What Do You mean by Disability and Special Needs?

There is such a negative stigma around the word “disability” and “special needs”. Telic is here to help you shake off the shackles of those labels. The term disability is more of a legal term, that assists you in getting services, more access to resources, and a better understanding of how to navigate your experience more successfully. It is not your identity. Here at Telic, we understand that your children and young adults are individuals, and are not defined by your disability or special need. We help empower and educate families to be self-advocates and effectively access their needs. For more information on understanding special education, please refer to this website.

How Can I Contact Telic?

You can reach us via email at, by phone, at 678-487-7654, or view our contact us page. You can also follow us on social media @TelicEmpower on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When Are You Open?

Our phone lines are open from the hours of 9am-1pm, Mon-Fri. The best way to reach our staff is via email at Our email accounts are monitored 7 days week.

How Can I Become a Sponsor?

Please email us with your sponsorship inquiries.

We love all of our corporate and individual sponsors!! Your monetary sponsorship is needed to fund all of our programs and services, since all of our programs, services and events are typically free to the public. All of our sponsors will also be recognized on our website.

To view our sponsor levels and rewards please view our sponsorship and partnership page. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific event please view our event calendar here.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation of your choice you can do so here.


How Much Do You Charge for Services?

We aim to keep all of our resources and support groups completely FREE of charge to the public. We heavily rely on grants, corporate sponsors, and generous donations to fund our programs and events. Any organizations that are not currently our partners but would like to request a Telic representative to speak at an event will be asked for a monetary donation of your choosing to our organization in lieu of any forms of payment for our participation.

What Kind of Donations Do You Accept?

We accept monetary donations. Please make your monetary donation online via our donate page. You can also support Telic by selecting us as your charity of choice at Amazon Smile. We will receive a percentage of from each purchase that you make when you purchase from Amazon! Just go to and under “Program and Features” enter Telic Empowerment! Telic also has opened up an online store that allows you to purchase customizable clothing and accessories for the whole family! A percentage of each percentage supports Telic’s programs and services! If you follow us on Facebook, we host various fundraisers throughout the year that could use your monetary support! So follow us @TelicEmpower and become a Friend of Telic today!

We also accept In-Kind donations in the form goods or services.

We are always in need of goods, services, or gift cards that can be raffled or auctioned off at our outreach and charity events!

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

We happily welcome volunteers at our workshops, trainings, and outreach events to greet our attendees, interact with attendees at our information tables, and assist families at our events. Currently, in an abundance of caution for our families, our programs and services are being held virtually. But there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get involved! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, indicate your interest on our Volunteer Opportunities page. We look forward to working with you!

What programs and events do you offer?

Telic offers monthly programs, yearly inclusive community events, special events and parent workshops. Please find a list of our upcoming programs and events here.

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