Telic Empowerment appreciates your  support! Telic Empowerment hosts a monthly parent support group meeting, inclusive community events and a relief fund. We heavily rely on your sponsorships and donations to help us fund each event. View our calendar, and follow our social media to keep up with our upcoming events! Every donation counts!  We welcome…

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We know finding local, verified resources can be hard. Telic provides educational, financial, independent living, and health resources to benefit families that have a special needs child or young adult.

Parent Empowerment Group

Our next VIRTUAL group is Saturday, February 20, 2021!!

Time: 11am EST

Topic: Medicaid Waivers

Location: On Zoom, from any place you choose!

Family Events and Other Celebrations

Family Events When your child is the exception by Chrissy Edgerton Who doesn’t like to celebrate? We all plan get togethers from time to time but how you attend can change when your child has a medical issue. It is easy to accommodate your child when you host events, but who wants to host every…

Let’s Take This One Step At A Time

The Importance of Unitasking and Intentionality in Creating the Family Vision. By Bettina Newton The average family today withstands an incredible amount of stress coming from every direction. Perhaps it is the countless hours at work that are required by both parents to effectively care for their family. Maybe it’s the demands of schoolwork and…