Art in a Box


Special Needs Families will be invited to register for our Inclusive Virtual and In-Person Summer Art Education Events!!!!

WHAT is Art In A Box?

This is Telic’s virtual art education program, catered to amateur youth and young adult artists, of all abilities, to be able to focus their energy on something positive during the summer, showcase their art abilities and creativity in a loving and accepting atmosphere and have fun! Participants will have a chance to participate in a virtual or in-person art event in May, June, or July! They will learn new art techniques, create a new cool art project each month. Registered families receive a box of art supplies in the mail, that allows them to participate in our live virtual art class on ZOOM!  This art class is designed for youth and young adults with disabilities that can follow simple voice instructions. To hold your spot, a $5.00 refundable deposit is required at registration each month. Registered families that attend will get their money back after the live event! **All $5.00 deposits will be considered donations to Telic if a registered family does not attend the live event.

**ONLY SPECIAL NEEDS FAMILIES are invited to register!

WHAT art is in the box???

Each month participants will receive a different art project and a different art instructor! Last year the 2021 events were as follows:

  MAY 22nd, 2021: Unique summer themed LEGO creations  Registration is now CLOSED!

JUNE 26th, 2021: Original painted masterpieces Registration is now CLOSED!

 JULY 31st 2021: Tie Dye Sensations Registration is now CLOSED!

OUR INSTRUCTORS: These art events are facilitated by artists with disabilities, so our participants can see that you can do anything regardless of your ability, even teach others. In 2021, we were thrilled to have 9 year old Jacaiah Pardo teach our participants how to do abstract drip painting and Creative Chris, teach how to create amazing LEGO creations! Neither one of them let autism get in their way!


Whether the classes or VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON, parents and siblings are invited to join the fun, and create their own art project too! ONCE REGISTRATION  IS OPEN AGAIN IN 2022, to hold your spot, a $5.00 refundable deposit is required at registration. Registered families that attend will get their money back after the event! Please check back to see when registration will open. 





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Due to Covid-19 concerns Telic Empowerment requires use of masks for individuals who are able to wear masks. Registration for this in person event is limited to help with social distancing. Each participant / volunteer and their families are expected to follow the most recent CDC guidelines and to be respectful of the space of other individuals in our immediate area. Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual participating in this event if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by attending this event.

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ONCE REGISTRATION IS OPEN: Pay your refundable $5 deposit via this donate button. Art supplies will only be supplied for families who have paid their deposit. Deposits will be refunded once we receive your survey after the live event.