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Telic services families with youth and young adults with disabilities, ages 3-30. All disabilities are welcome, and no family is ever turned away.

Telic Empowerment was founded in 2018 by four African American mothers of children with disabilities, who were determined to provide support, education, and better access to disability resources for the under-resourced counties where they live. 

Telic launched with a monthly parent support group to empower and teach under-served families and an inclusive art education event, Strokes for a Cause. The organization grew to provide free customized disability resource referral services, inclusive community programs, parent education, and emergency financial assistance grants to special needs families in crisis in all metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.

special needs families helped with personalized disability resources

parents provided education & support at our monthly programs

dollars awarded to families in crisis through Telic Cares Emergency Relief Fund

Timeline of Events


  • Telic Empowerment was founded and launched on March 24th, 2018 by four African American mothers, Tyisha Davis, Lisa Lake, Chrissy Edgerton, and Bettina Newton.
  • Monthly Parent Empowerment Groups began in May
  • 1st Strokes for A Cause /Art of Ability Art Auction showcasing disabled artists was held in Rockdale County.
  • Telic conducted its first tv interview on the program, “Issue @ Hand”
  • Telic Empowerment became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in October


  • Telic hosts its first inclusive community birthday party event, All Abilities Birthday Bash in Dekalb County
  • Featured interviews with CBS Channel 46, Fox 5 Atlanta, V103 radio station
  • 1st Award: Harris Gude Family Foundation recognizes Telic Empowerment’s commitment to the disabled population and is awarded with an Honor of Distinction in Community Service


  • 1st Virtual Parent Empowerment Groups were launched expanding our reach across the state of Georgia
  • 1st Telic Board of Directors was formed inviting five diverse individuals, with and without disabilities, to help us create more ways to impact families, and grow and strengthen our programs and services.
  • Art In A Box virtual art program was created during the pandemic to provide inclusive art education, create unique masterpieces and have fun in a nonjudgmental atmosphere
  • Telic Cares Emergency Relief Fund was created with a $2500 anonymous donation to assist special needs families in crisis


  • Telic Empowerment’s online Merchandise Store was launched
  • Secured 1st school partnership with Newton County School System: Telic Empowerment became Partners in Education with Livingston Elementary School.
  • Telic was the feature of the tv segment, “Voices of Equality”


  • Telic was chosen as a recipient to receive funding from SPARK Atlanta as part of its diversity, equity and inclusion grant.
  • 1st Telic Zoo Atlanta Day will be held on Sept. 25th in partnership with SPARK Atlanta.

Our Mission

Telic Empowerment’s mission is to Teach, Empower, Listen, Include and Care for families with children and young adults with disabilities.


Our Vision

We provide a safe, inclusive, supportive, and informative community that will help families living with children and adults with disabilities develop their own pathway to future success. We envision a world where people with disabilities will be heard and understood, fully included and treated with dignity and respect.






Our Core Values


We empower families by teaching them how to locate necessary resources and use them with fidelity. We empower families to advocate for themselves by educating them about the school system, health care, and mental health. We empower families by assisting them with how to apply information knowledgeably and meaningfully to real-life situations.

Supportive Community

We profoundly value and listen to the voice of our consumers. We deem it of high importance to foster a supportive community for this underserved population to draw additional encouragement, information, and a sense of family. We are committed to cultivating an atmosphere of inclusion and connectedness.


We actively and openly collaborate and form partnerships switch organizations that benefit the families we serve. We understand that the betterment of our community is increased with the help of interested parties being given the opportunity to lend a hand.


We take full responsibility for our activities and our work. We honor our commitments and take pride in our work. We are not afraid to try new things. We understand that our actions affect our team, and strive to help our team flourish.

Dignity for All

We approach our work with deep care, respect, humility, and professionalism. We address our clients with compassion, dignity, and the highest regard for their opinions no matter their background, circumstance, experience, or perspective. We intend to find common ground and foster a culture that is conducive to consideration, respect, and productivity.


We measure our success by our commitment and our ability to be good stewards of the resources allocated to us. 


We personalize our services to the needs of our families and stand behind our vision. We anticipate the needs of our consumers and offer services that are unique to their circumstances. However, despite our best efforts, we are subject to human error. We strive to remedy lapses in our services quickly and respectfully.

Meet Our Team & Founders

Tyisha Davis

Tyisha Davis

Resource Director

Lisa Lake

Lisa Lake

Executive Director

Chrislena Edgerton

Chrislena Edgerton

Chief Financial Officer

Bettina Newton

Bettina Newton

Program Director

Board of Directors


Andrea Kubilus


Erickia Thompson

Erickia Thompson

Vice Chairwoman/ Treasurer

Jessica Souvinette

Jessica Souvinette


Amanda Cooper

Amanda Cooper

Board Member


Cerette M. Thompson

Board Member


Judith LaRoue

Board Member

Julia Pilla

Julie Pilla

Board Member

Telic Empowerment Board Members

Become a Board Member!

Do you have an interest in issues affecting people with disabilities?

Have you attended a Telic Empowerment event or volunteered with one or more of our programs and want to become more involved?

Has a current board member recommended you apply to be a board member?

The role of the board is to:

  Enforce and maintain the bylaws.
→  Uphold and accurately communicate Telic Empowerment’s mission, vision and purpose.
→  Raise funds to keep Telic’s operational costs balanced.
→  Maintain and oversee fiscal and financial responsibility.
→  Meet a minimum of 3 times a year.
→  Discuss and vote on the policies and affairs that govern Telic Empowerment according to our bylaws.
→  Approve budgets and programming.
→  Ensure quality control.
→  Review and approve plans of reorganization and growth.

Board members are required to:

  Participate in Telic Empowerment’s Board training opportunities and yearly Strategic Planning Meeting.
✓  Support Telic Empowerment events, programs, and fundraisers.
✓  Complete a written application and be voted in by the current board.
✓  Pay an annual membership fee of at least $50.
✓  Fundraise $250 annually.
✓  Serve a minimum of 2 years.

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