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Special Needs Families are invited to attend our Inclusive Virtual Summer Art Education Event!!!!

WHAT is Art In A Box?

This is Telic’s virtual art education program, catered to amateur youth and young adult artists, of all abilities, to be able to focus their energy on something positive during the summer, showcase their art abilities and creativity in a loving and accepting atmosphere and have fun! Participants will have a chance to participate in a virtual art education class to learn new art techniques and create a custom unique puzzle in a inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all abilities!  This art class is designed for youth and young adults with disabilities, that can follow simple voice instructions. There will be music, giveaways and FUN! To hold your spot, a $5.00 refundable deposit is required at registration each month. Registered families that attend will get their money back after the live event! **All $5.00 deposits will be considered donations to Telic if a registered family does not attend the live event.

**ONLY SPECIAL NEEDS FAMILIES are invited to register!

What is in the box?

MAY 2022: Piece By Piece Puzzle Creations art boxes will be mailed to all registered attendees and will include a 12 and 24 piece blank puzzle, custom art markers, and party items all in beautiful custom Telic box!

OUR INSTRUCTORS: These art events are facilitated by artists with disabilities, so our participants can see that you can do anything regardless of your ability, even teach others. In May of 2022 we are thrilled to have Creative Chris teach our participants how to create a unique custom puzzle! 






   Creative Chris doesn’t let his autism stand in his way!



Fill out the registration form and to hold your spot, a $5.00 refundable deposit is required at registration. Registered families that attend will get their money back after the event!





Sadly we have reached our maximum number of participants. Stay tuned for more events!

Register NOW and pay your refundable $5 deposit via this donate button. Art supplies will only be supplied for families who have paid their deposit. Deposits will be refunded once we receive your survey after the live event.