Volunteering Opportunities

Telic Empowerment’s dynamic programming could not be possible without the help of volunteers like


Volunteer opportunities are available for the following:


Content Marketing Team

Outreach Committee

Fundraising Committee



This volunteer position offers administrative assistance to the different departments.  Tasks may include email and phone correspondence, research, data entry, etc.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 18.

Volunteers considering this position should:

Have strong written and verbal communication skills.

Be self-motivated and have a propensity for completing tasks in a timely manner.

Be attentive to details.

Be dependable.

Learn quickly.

Have a consistent availability.

Be a creative problem solver.

Work well with others.

Follow directions well.

**Some administrative experience is preferred.

Content Marketing Team

This team of volunteers assist with creating and managing content for our website and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.  This includes creating the flyers, posts, etc. that would be featured on our sites advertising our services, programs, and events to our online community. They would report to the director of Community Affairs and work closely with IT.

Who can volunteer:

Anyone over the age of 18.

Volunteers considering this position should:

Possess computer and website proficiency.

Be abreast of social media trends and calendars.

Have the ability to research and speak about disability related topics with sensitivity and people first language.

Be available to post regularly.

Have strong written skills.


Work well with a team to accomplish tasks.

Self motivated.

Committee Based Volunteer 

Any committee- based volunteer opportunities may change according to the needs of the organization.  Currently, we are offering outreach and fundraising committee opportunities at this time. The committee leader will assign tasks for the committee members to complete based on the overarching goal of the committee.

Who can volunteer:

Anyone over the age of 18.

Volunteers considering this position should:

Be flexible.

Be a team player.

Work well with others.

Be dependable.

Be committed to vision of the committee leader.

I’m interested! How do I become a volunteer?

Complete the volunteer registration form


Complete a short telephone interview with the Program Director


Review the volunteer handbook, submit the signature page and identifying documents.

** Please remember, although we are extremely grateful for your interest in volunteering with Telic Empowerment, completing a volunteer registration does not guarantee you a position.  All registrations will be reviewed by Telic Empowerment.  Approved volunteers will be contacted, offered an interview, provided the volunteer handbook, and instructions for training and assignments.  Thank you for your interest!

Contact Information:

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:
Bettina Newton  
Program Director 

Volunteer Spotlight

Shalayna Hatched

Shalayna has served consistently as a Lead Volunteer in our Parent Empowerment Group childcare program! She has also volunteered at our Strokes for a Cause and Art of Ability Fundraising Auction!  Wherever Telic is, you can be sure that Shalayna will be there all smiles and ready to help! Thank you so much, Shalayna!

Volunteer Opportunity Highlight 



To be considered for a volunteering position, please fill out the registration form below.

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