Telic’s All Ability Birthday Bash Volunteer Registration

January 20, 2019

Telic’s All Ability Birthday Bash (TAABB)

What is TAABB?

It’s our yearly disability friendly birthday party!!! Each year we host an ALL Inclusive, Disability Friendly, FREE birthday celebration! There will be sensory games, music, arts activities, entertainment, disability resources, and activities that are accessible to everyone!

Who can volunteer for TAABB?

Everyone! We encourage organizations as well as individual volunteers (ages 15 and up) to assist us in making this a fun day for all!

Volunteer stations and teams:

Parking– Volunteers are needed to assist with parking, greeting families, and direct them to the party.

Registration– This station will be responsible for welcoming our guests with a friendly smile, checking in registered guests, providing information and answering questions about the event, ensuring that all guests have socks, and distributing meal tickets.

Floaters Floaters will provide additional support to volunteers as they serve in their assigned stations.  They will also offer additional assistance to parents, as needed.

Buddies Buddies will escort children with disabilities, of families with multiple children, to the different stations and activities so parents can relax.

Batcave– The Batcave is the designated play space for children with mobility challenges.  It will be complete with plush padding for safe floor play and a variety of adaptive toys! Volunteers in the Batcave will actively supervise children, facilitate play, and monitor safety.

Wakanda Wakanda is where imagination comes to life!  In this room, guests are able to let their creativity run wild through art play! Volunteers in Wakanda will assist children as they create their masterpieces, actively supervise use of materials, and carefully monitor the safety of the guests in the room.

Spidey Senses– Guests will be immersed in an interactive sensory experience in our Spiderman sensory room!  This room has four stations that will need to be monitored very carefully.   There will be 1 volunteer per station and 1 volunteer on clean up duty.

The Fortress of Solitude– This room is designated as a quiet and calming space for guests.  It will be a darkened room with nature sounds, comfortable seating, and toys. Volunteers will actively supervise the activity and safety of the guests in this room, assist in creating a calming space,  and monitor outside interference.

Inflatables Team– There will be inflatables accessible to all guests.  There are separate designated inflatables and play areas for toddlers, school age children, and adolescents and young adults.  Volunteers will be responsible for monitoring the number of guests jumping at a single time, attentively supervising all jumpers, and enforcing safe play.

Raffle Team– There will be raffles and giveaways of all kinds for our guests!  Volunteers will oversee the raffle process by distributing raffle tickets and ensuring that the correct winners receive their items.

Food servers– Food will be served!  There will be allergy friendly options too! Volunteers will be charged with serving food to guests who present a meal ticket.

Prep Team– Telic loves to be organized and efficient! Volunteers assigned to the prep team will assist Telic, the week of March 18th, with preparing prep boxes (with instructions) for each designated area for quick and easy set up.

Set up– Volunteers will be needed to distribute prep boxes, decorate, and set up the rooms.  Persons interested in this assignment, must be available from 2-3:30 pm the day of the event.

Clean up crew– Volunteers selected for the clean up crew will work with Telic Empowerment and Leaping Lizards in restoring the facility to its original set up. This will include but is not limited to: emptying trash cans, breaking down each room, placing all toys, tables, and chairs back to their original location, vacuuming, and loading cars with materials. Interested parties must be available from 4:30-6 pm.

Character Appearances– Cosplay volunteers are wanted to interact and take photos with the guests. We are looking for Superheroes and Disney Characters to come for the duration of the event. Please email a recent photo of your costume to If you are able to come for a limited time please contact us, we may be able to accommodate you. If you have a child friendly character that is not Disney or a Superhero please contact us. 

Nurse/First Responder– Volunteer must be an active or retired RN or higher or first responder (EMT, Firefighter). Volunteer will be expected to be on site to run our first aid station.

Security– Volunteer should have a background in security (police officer, armed services, security guard). Volunteer will be expected to work unarmed security during the event. 

Other Information

There are specific time slots available.  However, in the event that the time slots conflict with your schedule, the registration form allows potential volunteers to input their availability. All interested volunteers should complete a volunteer registration and application.  Youth applicants must be at least 15 years of age and have parents provide permission by completing a parent consent form.  Youth applicants 15-17, will be accompanied by a supervising adult.  When you are chosen to volunteer, a representative of Telic Empowerment will notify you of your selection and volunteer assignment. Organizations are able to sign up multiple people to volunteer for this event. We will contact your organizations representative to provide more information and send waivers. We thank you in advance for your interest in serving!

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